b. 1995- Boston, Massachusetts 
raised- Los Angeles, California

Aryana Polat is a first generation, Iranian-American sculptor, video, and performance artist, who’s work exists in the realm of a mystic dystopia. She grapples with the realities behind orientalism, US intervention in the crude oil industry, and the othering inherent to her dual citizenship. The process behind creating her work is largely intuitive- it exists in the mythical landscape of Iranian storytelling, yet is rooted in the tangible reality of her research and personal experiences. Forms are caught between dynamic movement, yet frozen in time, and are lost between the exploitative vs. the liberatory. By considering the human body and our personalities as natural resources, she is able to conflate our understanding of labor and commodity in the global economy. Polat has been nominated to attend the Yale: Norfolk School of Art summer residency. Her work has been exhibited in group shows throughout Los Angeles, New England, and online. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2021 with a BFA in Sculpture.